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Manjunath Padiki, CEO & Co-founder of Verbly shares his insights on growing one's career in a meaningful way with Horizons from Reputation Today.

Key takeaways

Growth through learning, not scaling: Many people confuse growth with scaling. Scaling is like a reward, while growth is about consistently getting better at your job through the acquisition of relevant knowledge and capabilities.

Scaling without real growth can lead to being out of depth and unprepared for new challenges.

Growth through conscious learning: Any growth, skill, or learning that cannot be documented, demonstrated, or articulated cannot be repeated. Conscious learning involves reflecting on what you’ve learned and how it has impacted you, empowering yourself to repeat the process, and making the growth permanent, repeatable, and transferable.

Transfer growth through mentorship: Helping others grow is a powerful way to achieve lasting personal growth. Becoming a mentor not only benefits your team but also creates new paths, ideas, and templates for others to achieve their own growth.


Be passionate in daily work: Focus on your current job with passion and dedication. Pursue your daily tasks as if they are your true calling, regardless of your job title or position.

Make your boss redundant: Strive to become so effective in your role that your boss doesn’t need to oversee your work constantly. This indicates real growth and leadership potential.

Change your job description every year: Aim to evolve and grow quickly within your role. If your job description remains unchanged for an extended period, take responsibility for your growth and seek new opportunities or a change in your career path if necessary.

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